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Transforming surgery together with myAO.

myAO is a community knowledge exchange platform that offers surgeons the opportunity to connect with each other and provides a new way of accessing dependable, verified, content that is tailored to their needs. Watch this video to explore where myAO came from, and understand the resources and services it offers users.

Why join myAO?

  1. Personalized knowledge at your fingertips

  2. Critical insights from clinical experts

  3. Verified videos on demand

  4. A truly global network of surgeons

 Find out what myAO offers you


Personalized knowledge

myAO offers you intuitive access to dependable knowledge when you need it. It is your pathway to personalized knowledge, critical insights from clinical experts, and verified videos on demand.

Clinical experts

Engage with leading experts in your field. Find out what they've published recently, see which articles they are sharing, and deepen your insight into current trends in those areas that interest you.

Kodi Kojima’s thoughts on myAO

“Our practice should be evidence based. MyAO is the perfect platform to share evidence with peers.”

Kodi Kojima, AO Trauma International Board Chairperson
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