Principles of clinical research course

This course introduces participants to the principles of clinical research, including skills and knowledge on why and how to do research, how to build a good research environment, and where to find additional resources, tools, and reference packages to support a research project.

The course is targeted at individuals who want to learn or improve their skills for conducting clinical research and publishing results and at those with a general interest in the research and documentation of clinical cases.

Participants will learn about the importance of research and evidence-based medicine (EBM), the relevant ethical considerations and guidelines for Good Clinical Practice (GCP) with a focus on the formulation of a clinical research question.

In addition to practicing some of the skills related to literature review and medical writing, this course offers support in working with a statistician, building a good research environment and navigating the AO Program for Education and Excellence in Research (AOPEER) to help make their research project a success.

At the end of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Explain the importance of doing research and the link to evidence-based medicine (EBM)
  • Apply the basic principles of literature search and critical appraisal
  • Follow GCP guidelines and adhere to ethical requirements, eg, informed consent
  • Identify a clinical problem, formulate a clinical research question, and select the study design
  • Collaborate with a statistician to perform sample size calculation and basic statistical analyses
  • Describe the principles of medical writing
  • Utilize available research environment, resources, and tools

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