AO Milestones

AO Trauma’s competency-based training and assessment programs

AO Milestones will certify surgeons’ proficiency in key areas of trauma surgery. The competency-based training and assessment programs cover the need for just-in-time learning by providing residents and residency program directors a tailored digital curriculum offering adaptive learning modules, skills training, and robust assessments.

AO Milestones is part of the future of AO education. The first program is set for October 2022 launch to residents in North America, with the global launch to follow.

Addressing needs and taking trauma surgery education to the next level

AO Milestones addresses the significant need for validated competency assessments in surgical training for both residents and practicing surgeons. It also addresses gaps created by lack of required exposure to cases and relevant practice. Today, changes in learner preferences demand for personalized, just-in-time learning. The curriculum enables the learner to achieve proficiency through several interactions that accommodate increasing levels of learning, opportunities to practice skills, and continued interactions with experts. Coaching and feedback to promote deliberate practice and reflection are integral to the program.

The pathway to proficiency

The learning pathway each resident engages in is based on a baseline assessment that establishes individualized learning interactions within an adaptive learning platform. The platform supports mastery of medical knowledge that eventually is applied to the skills practice made available through dry-bone lab models, simulation, and labs.

Online self-studies

Personalized adaptive learning modules automatically adjusting to the needs of each learner.

Knowledge assessment

Continuous measurement of the learner's knowledge, grit and meta learning provide insights for personalized coaching.

Skills Training & Assessment

A range of validated simulations promote deliberate practice and real time assessments for immediate feedback.


Assessments based on entrustable professional activities (EPAs) and other forms of observational assessments examine the learners to certify proficiency.

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