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The AO Technical Commission responds to clinical needs by developing new operation techniques, implants, and instruments, under the medical guidance of independent surgeons.

Expert surgeons from all regions of the world come together to improve existing tools, technologies, and treatments for trauma and musculoskeletal disorders.

The AO’s innovation driver, the AO Technical Commission, leads this rigorous, structured, process of development, testing and approval of new products.

The goal is clear: to ensure that healthcare professionals have access to gold-standard treatments that respond to current clinical needs.

Innovations magazine

  Find the most up-to-date information on recently approved products.

The AO Technical Commission

The AO's innovation driver, bringing together leading global experts for innovative development and continuous improvement to meet clinical needs.

Meet the Experts

Videos offering valuable insights into the AO Technical Commission’s latest innovations.

AO Technical Commission Innovation Award

AO innovation awards

Recognizing and fostering excellence in surgical innovation

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AO Approved Solutions

Offering detailed descriptions of AO Technical Commission Approved Solutions, including videos and cases. Download our mobile app.

Experts Symposia

Where outstanding minds come together in a robust process to improve available treatments.

“I have always been interested in innovation and taking procedures to the next level, and I have found this to be the place where magic can happen.”

Daniel Buchbinder, Chair, AO Technical Commission Executive Board – speaking about the AO Technical Commission

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