Hospital del Trabajador Santiago

Maxillofacial Surgery Division

Hospital del Trabajador, Santiago Chile

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Hospital del Trabajador
Maxillofacial Surgery Division

Av. Vicuña Mackena 200
Santiago, 7501241


More information

Program Director: Claudio Andrés Borel Baeza, Head & Neck surgeon, Chief of the Maxillofacial Surgery Service

Surgeon(s) in charge of fellowship: Claudio Andrés Borel Baeza

Overview of operations per year

Operations assistance

Fellow can assist

Fields covered

Facial Traumatology,  Orthognathic Surgery, Craniofacial Surgery, Imaging, Endoscopy, Aesthetic Surgery

Other activities in the hospital

Scientific activities, Normal and Pathological Orbital Volume; Intraoperative imaging in CMF; Orbital and Nasal Endoscopy in Facial Trauma Cases; Reconstruction of Complex Cranioplasty Cases, Fellow can participate in division meeting discussing cases and other special topics, Microsurgical cases in Head and Neck, Multidisciplinary participation with other specialties: Neurosurgery, ORL, Plastic Surgery

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AO CMF Fellowship program

The call for applications for the 2023 AO CMF fellowships is now closed.