AO CMF Course—Management of Facial Trauma

This course provides learners with the fundamental knowledge and principles for the treatment of craniomaxillofacial fractures and their complications. It covers diagnostic and treatment principles for midface and mandibular fractures, as well as the prevention and treatment of complications.

Top national, regional, and international faculty

2-3 days in duration

For surgeons in training, or those who just started treating facial trauma fractures

Network with colleagues from all over the world

CME credits

Course content

  • Course modules
    • Module 1—Mid and upper facial trauma
    • Module 2—Mandibular trauma
    • Module 3—Additional topics: pediatric fractures, sequencing panfacial fractures, and complications
  • Practical Exercises
    • Mid and upper facial trauma:
      • Power drill
      • Complex midface fractures
      • Maxillomandibular fixation techniques*
    • Load-sharing mandibular fractures:
      • Angle
      • Symphysis with miniplates
      • Symphysis with lag screw technique
      • Complex fractures of the mandible
  • Featured Lectures
    • Mid and upper facial trauma:
      • Surgical approaches to the midface
      • Reestablishing pre-traumatic occlusion
      • Maxillary fractures
      • (Buttresses, Le Fort, Palatal fractures)
      • Zygomatic fractures (incl. orbitozygomatic fractures)
      • Orbital wall fractures
      • Nasoorbitoethmoid (NOE) fractures (incl. nasal fractures)
      • Frontal sinus fractures
    • Mandibular trauma:
      • Surgical approaches to the mandible
      • Mandibular fractures: load sharing and load bearing
      • Condylar fractures
  • Small Group discussions
    • Cases: zygomatic, orbit, zygoma and orbit, and Le Fort
    • Cases: NOE, nasal, frontal sinus
    • Cases: Load sharing, tooth in line of fracture/sequencing, condyle, load bearing

Course details may be subject to change. Please check your chosen date and location for the detailed program.

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