AO Sports NA Masters Course - Management of Shoulder Pathologies

Join international AO experts in case discussions, reviews of current literature, and hands-on anatomy labs practicing selected arthroscopic and open procedures

September 24-25, 2022, Boston, Massachusetts


The goal of this course is to further develop the experienced surgeon’s understanding of soft-tissue injuries around the shoulder and enhance the surgical skills needed to treat this patient population. This course will help participants enhance their technical skills, identify optimal treatment decisions to improve postoperative function and patient satisfaction, and better manage complex and rare cases.

Small group discussions are moderated by expert faculty and selected arthroscopic and open procedures are performed in the anatomy lab. 

Learning will be delivered through

  • Case-based small group discussions
  • Hands-on lab exercises with a 3:1 participant-to-faculty ratio

For an introduction to the AO Sports Shoulder educational content, explore these webinars featuring course chairs Amon Ferry, MD and Martin Jaeger, MD.


Directly provided by AO North America.

  • Learning objectives
    Upon completion of this event, participants will be able to
    Identify shoulder anatomy and pathology related to sports and soft-tissue injuries
    Obtain an injury-specific history and perform a detailed physical exam of the shoulder
    Interpret appropriate radiographic images
    Create an accurate diagnosis
    Describe the treatment options and select an appropriate plan
    Perform arthroscopic and/or open procedures based on best scientific guidelines
    Develop an appropriate postoperative rehabilitation plan
    Identify and manage potential intra- and postoperative complications
     Review common, difficult, failed, and revision cases and explain how to manage poor outcomes

  • How I Treat a Massive Rotator Cuff Tear [Webinar]

    AO Sports NA Webinar—How I Treat a Massive Rotator Cuff Tear

    Click here to watch the recording of our January 25, 2022 online event.

    This webinar featured three Sports shoulder cases prepared and presented by Management of Shoulder Pathologies faculty Dr. Ferry, Dr. Favorito, and Dr. Bishai. The case presentations were followed by a discussion, led by Dr. Ponce, between the expert faculty members and real-time questions from the audience.

  • Who should attend

    Experienced orthopedic surgeons and orthopedic sports medicine fellows who are technically proficient with arthroscopic shoulder surgery.

Course chairs

Amon Ferry, MD

Arizona Sports Medicine Center

Martin Jaeger, MD

University Medical Center Freiburg

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