AO VET NA Principles in Small Animal Fracture Management

Learn how to manage commonly encountered fractures in small animals with hands-on laboratory sessions.

Multiple dates and locations available.


The Principles in Small Animal Fracture Management course will provide participants with a basic, fundamental knowledge of bone healing and how it can be favorably influenced through internal fixation of fractures in small animals. Techniques critical to successful surgical outcomes—such as soft tissue handling and bone grafting—will be discussed along with the problems of non-unions, infections, and technical errors. The total patient is considered, from preoperative care and anesthetic management to postoperative care.

Learning will be delivered through

  • Lectures by nationally renowned AO VET North America faculty
  • Numerous hands-on laboratory sessions with a 6:1 participant-to-faculty ratio
  • Small group discussions/firesides focusing on fracture cases
  • Interactive panel discussions


Directly provided by AO North America.

  • Learning objectives
    Upon completion of this event, participants will be able to
    Recognize and apply AO Principles to small animal fracture management
    Define indications for internal fixation and the criteria for implant selection
    Identify and select appropriate techniques to problems such as nonunions, infections, and technical errors that are critical for successful outcomes
    Discuss the importance of preoperative planning and other aspects of the clinical decision-making process to small animal surgery

  • Who should attend

    Veterinary residents, interns, students, and practicing veterinarians.

Event calendar

Course/Event Date Location Register 
Principles in Small Animal Fracture Management Apr 07 - Apr 10, 2022 Columbus, Ohio -
Principles in Small Animal Fracture Management Nov 02 - Nov 05, 2022 Glendale, Arizona Register