AO VET NA Masters Course - Principles of Deformity Correction: Thoracic Limb

Learn the fundamental knowledge and skills related to canine forelimb alignment and apply those understandings in highly interactive laboratory experiences

November 2-4, 2022, Glendale, Arizona


This course will provide participants with the fundamentals of understanding how to assess the alignment of the forelimb of the dog. These principles will then be applied to several conditions that arise from pathologic malalignment of the forelimb, such as growth disturbances, angular limb deformation, and joint incongruity. 

Participants will learn a variety of pre-operative assessments and operative techniques in a highly interactive environment. 

Learning will be delivered through

  • Hands-on laboratory experiences 
  • Software-based planning sessions 
  • Lectures
  • Workbook exercises


Directly provided by AO North America.

  • Learning objectives
    Upon completion of this event, participants will be able to
    Assess the limb alignment of the thoracic limb (both normal and abnormal) in the dog
    Utilize the determined limb alignment to document and define any malalignment or deformity present
    Use the map of documented malalignments to develop a pre-surgical plan for correction

  • Prerequisites

    AO VET Principles in Small Animal Fracture Management course, as familiarity with instrumentation and techniques will be assumed.

  • Who should attend

    Veterinary residents and practicing veterinarians.

Course chairs

Derek Fox, DVM, PhD, DACVS

University of Missouri

Gayle Jaeger, DVM, MSpVM, DACVS

Pet Emergency Treatment and Specialties

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