AO Trauma NA Hand Course—Hand and Wrist Fracture Management

Analyze hand and wrist fractures and apply treatment methodologies based upon comprehensive fracture management principles

Multiples dates and locations available


This course is designed to teach participants at every level of training and practice to systematically analyze hand and wrist fractures and to apply a treatment methodology based upon fracture management principles rather than upon any one implant, group of implants or singular universal technique.

Learning will be delivered through

  • Case-based discussions
  • Hands-on practical exercises
  • Lectures


Directly provided by AO North America.

  • Learning objectives
    Upon completion of this event, participants will be able to
    Differentiate between management of non-operative fractures and fractures that need operative stabilization
    Describe the indications for internal fixation of hand and wrist fractures, and the criteria for implant selection
    Identify alternative fixation methods and their role in fracture management
    Explain the importance of soft tissue preservation in the operative management of unstable hand fractures

  • Who should attend

    Surgeons, hand fellows, and residents in plastic, orthopedic, and general surgery.

Event calendar

Course/Event Date Location Register 
Hand and Wrist Fracture Management Mar 18, 2023 Ann Arbor, Michigan Register
Hand and Wrist Fracture Management Sep 17, 2023 Dallas, Texas Register