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Veterinary research

Fracture Research Animal Models Database rollout complete

AO VET's Fracture Research Animal Models Database (FRAMD) completed its final-stage rollout in 2021 ahead of its scheduled go-live in 2022.

Cofinanced by the Strategy Fund and AO VET Research and Development Commission, it benefits the broader research community by enabling scientists to choose fracture research models more effectively.

With over 4,000 journal papers from the 1970s to the present day, it offers researchers a hub that brings together all relevant research in this field.

This in turn supports the development of new treatments and furthers the AO mission. Critically, in line with the AO´s commitment to best practice in this area, it minimizes the need for the use of animals in research.

AO VET Seed Grants support research

In 2021, AO VET continued its Seed Grant program to support members pursuing research in musculoskeletal science.

Launched in 2020, this Seed Grant program aims to help train future leaders in veterinary orthopedics and offers funding of up to CHF 7,500 for a twelve-month period. Currently, four projects from Germany, the United States, and Uruguay are in the review phase.