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Approved products

Countless implants and instruments addressing clinical problems have resulted from the long-standing cooperation between the AO TC and DePuy Synthes. This collaboration has, over the past decade, resulted in more than 200 innovative solutions contributing to the AO’s mission: promoting excellence in patient care and outcomes in trauma and musculoskeletal disorders.

AO TC approvals in 2021

In 2021, the AO TC approved a suite of clinical solutions that will benefit patient outcomes across all areas of AO activity.

Variable Angle Patella Locking Plating System

These two plating solutions were developed to reduce complication rates associated with tension band wiring using K-wire or cannulated screws.

FIBULINK Syndesmosis Repair System

The first adjustable syndesmotic repair system to enable precise, anatomical syndesmotic fixation, this solution is available in both stainless steel and titanium.

Variable Angle LCP Lateral Distal Fibula Plates in titanium

Previously available only in stainless steel, this low-profile plating system is now available in titanium and is complemented by a new anatomic tray which can be stocked with stainless steel or titanium VA-LCP Lateral Distal Fibula plates.

Variable Angle LCP Periprosthetic Proximal Femur Plating System

This solution is specifically designed to meet several requirements in the treatment of Vancouver types A and B fractures.

Flexible Monobloc Reamers

Delivering simplicity and enhanced usability, this solution is designed for reaming an intramedullary bone canal in preparation for implant insertion.

UNIUM Small Bone and Trauma Power Tool

Compact and lightweight for precise handling, this solution is designed to meet evolving and increasingly complex small bone surgery requirements.


A new software release and additional hardware enhance the user friendliness and versatility of MAXFRAME Multi-Axial Correction System.

VA-LCP Clavicle Plate 2.7 and VA-LCP Clavicle Hook Plate 2.7 Systems

The new clavicle system represents the next generation of internal fixation for medial, lateral, and shaft fractures of the clavicle. The new hook plate system’s enhanced hook geometry reduces pin-point contact of the hook on the underside of the acromion.

SYMPHONY-OCT System—Compartment 2

This system comprises an enhanced set of instruments and implants for posterior fixation of the occipital-cervical junction, subaxial spine, and cervicothoracic junction.

MatrixMIDFACE 1.3 line extension

New plates 1.3 and 1.3 mm screws expand the MatrixMIDFACE line and are aligned with the Matrix concept of providing low-profile plates and screws in a modular system with a wide range of plate shapes and screw options for fracture fixation.

Matrix MANDIBLE 2.4 Cortex Screw line extension

The new 2.4 mm Titanium MatrixMANDIBLE Cortex Screw offers better flexibility for craniomaxillofacial surgeons in the treatment of mandibular fractures.

1.3 Locking System

This new system is for the treatment of fractures and arthrodesis in smaller-breed dogs and cats for which the 1.5 LCP System is too large.

Approved products