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History and mission

In its 50th anniversary year, the AO Foundation completed the specialization with the creation
of AOTrauma, a specialty involving those people interested in musculoskeletal trauma and disease, fractures, and its subsequent complications and problems.

The cooperative interaction between AOTrauma and the Foundation and its regions will continue
to assure that AO remains the world leader in what it does best – education and research.
As Prof Michael Wagner, Chairperson AOTrauma states:

The time is now for AOTrauma to meet the emerg​ing requirements of the new professional
Trauma community. From today, not only the left hand and right hand of Trauma will know what each are doing, but all our fingers too! AOTrauma teams will work and collaborate together to
boost innovation, opportunities, and results for all.

AOTrauma is an organization that creates a dynamic environment by fostering self-directed regional and national teams to run their own educational, research, and community development
activities – an organization which creates leadership opportunities for senior Trauma surgeons
while nurturing opportunities for younger future leaders.

AOTrauma – a five-thousand-strong network of Trauma surgeons unified in building a community
of knowledge and new best practices!


The mission of the AOTrauma community is to deliver the knowledge, experience, and evidence
to change patients' lives and improve the effectiveness of trauma care.

The goals of AOTrauma membership

  • Unite members under one global banner
  • Improve patient care through access to a range of education and knowledge services
  • Deliver benefits designed to meet member needs
  • Empower members, reward contribution and provide opportunity for personal growth in AOTrauma
  • Provide the opportunity for members to give opinion, feedback and direction to AOTrauma

Visit AOTrauma to learn about AOTrauma Membership, Education, Research, Fellowships and Operating Room Personnel.​​​​​​