AOTK Executive Board

The AOTK Executive Board (TKEB) is the steering and supervising board of the AOTK System. As in all boards of the AO Foundation, the independent surgeons ensure decision making according to clinical necessities.

Tasks of the TKEB

  • to elect the members of the Specialty AOTKs proposed by Specialty AOTKs
  • to confirm the members of the Expert Groups, proposed by the EG, elected by Specialty AOTK
  • to appoint or dissolve an Expert Group, proposed by Specialty AOTK
  • to ensure that the priorities of the AOTK System are in line with the overall strategy of the AO Foundation
  • to ensure an exchange between the Specialties
  • to define the approval procedure, workflows and standards valid for the AOTK System
  • to establish the AOTK Guidelines and AOTK Checklists and adapt these according to needs
  • to set up and control the budget of the AOTK System


The TKEB consists of the

  • The Chair
  • The Chair of the AOTK (Trauma)
  • The Chair of the AOTK (CMF)
  • The Chair of the AOSpine TK
  • The Chair of the AOCID Advisory Committee
  • The President of the AO Foundation, the Vice-President and CEO as well as the Director of the AOTK System are permanent guests without vote
  • Representatives of the industrial partner are permitted guests as needed without vote


Voting members​
Daniel Buchbinder, US – Chair TKEB, AOTK CMF
Michael Fehlings, CA – Chair of the AOCID Advisory Committee​
Michael Raschke, DE – Chair AOTK Trauma
Maarten Spruit, NL – Chair AOSpine TK

Permane​nt guests
Chris Lindenmeyer, CH – CEO and Vice-Chair AO Foundation Board
Robert McGuire, US – President AO Foundation
Tim Pohlemann, DE – AOFB Innovation & Industry Expert
Claas Albers, Director AOTK System​