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AO Start-up Grants


AcC Grant Committee

With its Start-up grants, the AO Foundation supports basic scientific, pre-clinical and clinical research in all areas of trauma, surgery of the musculoskeletal system and related problems. It provides predominantly seed money to individual researchers and research groups, finances pilot studies and supports investigation of new and unconventional ideas or hypotheses.

The Academic Council Grant Committee is the funding body for the AO Start-up grants​. All submitted AO Start-up Grants will be independently peer reviewed. The peer review process is in the responsibility of the AO Research Review Commission​.

​Paul Manson (Chair)
Anita Anthon (Committee Manager)
​Keita Ito
​Carl Kirker-Head
​Risto Kontio
​Frankie Leung
​Mark Markel
​Michael Schütz