Organizational Structure

The AO Foundation is an international, multilayered organization. The organizational charts of the governing and the executive levels of the AO Foundation indicate how the organization functions and is governed

Governing Level

A permanent separation between governing and executive bodies guarantees optimum organizational governance

Governing Level chart (PDF, 1.6 MB)


Executive Level

The executive functions of the AO Foundation are directed by the CEO/Vice President of the AO Foundation Board and are divided into three layers that work closely with each other:

  1. The Clinical Divisions are responsible for the strategy, and its delivery, in their respective specialty fields. This includes education, research, development, clinical investigation, and close collaboration with their members.
  2. The Institutes and the AOTK System are responsible for delivering research and development, clinical investigation, education and knowledge services, and value-added products and services to the Clinical Divisions, surgical network and partners.
  3. The Support Units are responsible for delivering support services in the areas of finance, communications and legal advice to ensure the smooth running of the organization.

Executive Level chart (PDF, 177 KB)