AO Development Incubator Board

The AO Development Incubator Board (AODIB) is an independent board mandated with the responsibility to allocate the AODI​ funds according to the goals of the AO Foundation. The board is made up of professionals with diverse backgrounds. It includes two surgeons (medical members), two medical industry experts (non-medical members), and a non-voting research & development expert from the AO Foundation Board.

AO Development Incubator BoardAO Development Incubator Board (l-​r): Han Jo Kim, Michael Schütz, Keita Ito ​(2016 - 2019)​, D. Todd Dollinger and Robert Frigg.

The AODIB tasks are to:​

  • ​Ensure that the priorities of the AODI are in line with the overall strategy of the AO Foundation
  • Establish the AODI guidelines and procedures 
  • Make final selection on funding requests
  • Review milestones of the funded projects
  • Monitor AODI performance and budget


​​Medical members
​Michael Schütz
​AODIB Chair
Professor Chair/Director of Jamieson Trauma Institute, Queensland Univ. of Technology, Brisbane (AU)​
​Han Jo Kim​MD (Spine), Hospital for Special Surgery, New York (US)​

Non-medical members

​Robert Frigg​​Delegate of the board of 41medical AG and Head of R&D (CH)
​D. Todd Dollinger​Chairman and CEO of “The Trendlines Group Ltd​” and Trendlines Medical Singapore Pte. Ltd” (IS)

Permanent g​​uest

​Anita Ignatius​AOFB Research & Development expert
Professor and director of the Institute of Orthopedic Research and Biomechanics at the University of Ulm (DE)​

Contact: Roland Herzog, Program Manager AODI​