Workshop Dates

27–30 April 2014

Place of Event

AO Foundation Center Davos, Switzerland

Workshop Program

PDF, 244 KB​


BIOBONE-ITN FP7 Workshop on Cell-material interactions

The workshop is designed for material scientists and engineers who would like to get a basic knowledge on how cells interact with biomaterials, as well as biologists who would like to extend their knowledge on this topic. Hands-on training, demonstrations in a cell culture laboratory and basic lectures will be combined to offer a comprehensive training, with topics such as in vitro cell cultures, osseointegration in vivo and infection. Most common techniques used in vitro and in vivo will be explained. In-depth lectures on the topic of cell-material interactions will be provided by renewed speakers from the academic and industrial field.

The workshop on Cell-material interactions is part of a series of ten workshops organized within the BIOBONE-ITN FP7 European project. Further information about this European project is available on BioBone. The workshop on Cell-material interactions is organized by the AO Research Institute Davos and will take place in Davos from the 28th to the 30th of April 2014.

All registered participants are welcome to attend the lectures. Restrictions apply to practical and laboratory parts.​