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AO Foundation News

Regular news items concerning the activities and achievements of the AO Foundation, its Clinical Divisions and Service Units. More...

AO Brand Portal

The AO Foundation Brand Portal contains all the corporate design information to ensure the AO is presented consistently. More...
AO PresentationAO Presentation

This animated presentation illustrates how the AO Foundation has been helping people to get back on their feet since 1958. Download​

AO History

History of the AO

An overview of the AO Foundation from its origins in Biel and Davos in the 1950s through to the 50th Anniversary celebrations. More...

AO Organization and Governance

Organization and Governance

Institutes and Clinical Divisions are supported by staff and management to deliver the organization's mission and vision. More...

Annual Reports

Overview of the AO's annual achievements. More...

AO Dialogue cover, issue 2, 2012

AO Dialogue

Biannual AO-wide community news­letter. More...