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AOVET North America Marketing Initiative

AOVET North America (AOVETNA) is demonstrating its relevance to key veterinary orthopedic organizations in North America and showcasing itself as the region’s primary source of veterinary orthopedic continuing medical More...


AOTrauma Orthogeriatrics
E-Hub (AO-OGE)

As the world’s aging population grows, so does the need for visionary educational platforms addressing orthogeriatrics—the field of caring for elderly orthopedic patients. That’s why Dr Michael Blauth of the AOTrauma More...

AO Interactive Video Platform

A platform for sharing developments in principles of surgical procedures.

As a leader in medical education, the AO Foundation today is well on its way to having its own interactive, online video platform, thanks to an AO Strategy Fund grant.

That grant, made to the AO Education Institute for the benefit of all AO Clinical Divisions, funds the AO interactive video platform (AO IVP). Since mid-2014, AO IVP project team leaders Robin Greene and Rudolf Elmer have been researching the project, which will provide an end-to-end solution for a new, two-phase online video platform. The first element, under development now, is an interactive peer review and discussion video portal. The second component, a video archive distribution hub, will be rolled out in the second phase of the AO IVP project.

"Our direct educational content is very broad, but surgeons have come to us asking, ‘Why can’t we have a direct platform for sharing developments in principles of surgical procedures?"

"We need a place for direct interaction within the surgical community,” said Greene, AO Education Institute Manager Media Production and Publishing.

AO IVP will be unique in that its content will be driven by surgeons in the community but with the added value of having access to exclusive AO educational assets such as recorded lectures, webinars and webcasts.

Elmer, AO Education Institute Manager e-Learning, said the project aims to offer a broad range of functionality.

“Using his or her own profile, a surgeon can upload content such as videos or cases and then interact with other surgeons," said Elmer.

The AO IVP project started four years ago during the AO Foundation’s Davos Courses, when surgeons approached Greene asking specifically for this type of platform.

“We have talked with surgeons from all clinical divisions and it is overwhelmingly clear that there is a demand for AO IVP,” said Greene.

"By providing a platform enabling the surgical community to exchange experiences and knowledge, AO IVP will make an important contribution to the AO’s mission of advancing patient care," he said.

“For instance, if surgeons want to share a video of a procedure or get feedback from their peers, AO IVP will provide the platform to share that knowledge in the AO community,” Greene said. “This will further enable our community to learn from each other and, in this way, advance patient care.”

"AO IVP peer review and comment functionalities will provide a foundation for an even more close-knit global and regional community," Elmer added.

“Our target is to build a state-of-the-art platform. Bandwidth has always been a problem and has had a major impact on delivery of content in different regions of the world. Our new system will include players that can detect the bandwidth of each specific viewer and, accordingly, deliver video in the best resolution. Also, the platform will be responsive, meaning it will adapt to any size screen: from a desktop monitor, to a tablet. Anywhere, anytime you will be able join the community, and engage with the content. Innovative search functions will be implemented making it easy to find the material you need, take part in discussions and interact with your peers.”

A prototype version of AO IVP was presented to the AO Trustees in late June 2015. Elmer said that the feedback was very positive and everyone who saw was eager to get on board and support the project going forward. Greene and Elmer will work with as many AO surgeons as possible to ensure the system is built with the best user interface and interaction elements to meet their needs. 

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