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Overview AO Strategy Fund

The AO Strategy Fund was approved by the AO Foundation Board (AOFB) in 2013, with an overall budget of CHF 15 million. The Fund is dedicated to supporting strategically important new initiatives including:

  • New services and new technologies addressing unmet needs
  • Projects enhancing the organization's visibility and reach
  • Ideas to foster cooperation across AO Clinical Divisions
  • Initiatives to enhance operational effectiveness and efficiency

More than twenty multi-year projects have been approved by the AOFB, fostering innovation in five focus areas. On this site there are profiles of some of these projects.


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Applicant Area

Applicant Area

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60th Anniversary Projects​


The AO Foundation has, for 60 years, blazed a trail in the treatment of trauma and musculoskeletal system disorders. The AO's visionary founders transformed orthopedic care through innovation, standardization, and education. It has grown to become the gold standard in surgical postgraduate education and the innovations developed in those early years continue to be applied today.

Across the world, AO surgeons dedicate their lives to improving patient care, breaking the mold with new treatments.

In recognition of the AO Foundation's 60th anniversary, the AO Strategy Fund has sponsored a series of initiatives to celebrate the unique contribution the AO has made to improving patient care and outcomes. ​



Maurice Müller book launch  
Maurice Edmond Müller, in His Own Words

AO Foundation Past President and honorary member Joseph Schatzker has written a book titled Maurice Edmond Müller, in His Own Words. The book looks at Müller's contribution to the AO's origins and development. It was launched during this year's AO Trustees Meeting in Basel, and is available for download here.

Evaluation of healt economic impact of AO Foundation 
Evaluation of the health economic impact of the AO Foundation

Later this year, the AO Foundation will release a study focused on the health economic impact of the AO Foundation. This project was completed in collaboration with the Winterthur Institute of Health Economics of the Zurich University of Applied Science (ZHAW).

Once the study is released it will be published here.

Economic impact on Davos and Canton Grisons 
Economic Impact of the AO on Davos and the Canton of Grisons

On November 9, 2018, a study was released focused on the local and global economic impact of the AO Foundation. This project was completed in collaboration with the Institute for Systemic Management and Public Governance, University St. Gallen. Read the complete study here 


Faculty Education Program  
Faculty Education Program

Education has long been a pillar of the AO Foundation, and a newly launched, two-year, cross-divisional AO Strategy Fund (AOSF) project seeks to fortify that pillar by evaluating the impact of the AO’s Faculty Education Program (FEP) on FEP graduates. The project, The Evaluation of the Faculty More...


Generic Asian Pelvic Bone Model 
Generic Asian Pelvic Bone Model

Development and production of the first evidence-based anatomical model of the Asian pelvic bone is the aim of an international collaboration between the AO Research Institute (ARI), leading anatomical model manufacturer SYNBONE AG, and the University of Malaya. That project More...

Pro-C: AOTrauma’s Proficiency Curriculum 
Pro-C: AOTrauma’s Proficiency Curriculum

Three years after its launch, the first large-scale randomized trial of teaching methods within the AO Foundation is complete. More...​​

Virtual Surgical Simulation 
Virtual Surgical Simulation

​For decades, simulation has been used to train novice airline pilots and young drivers, and the AO Foundation today is assessing the possibility of using simulation to train surgeons. In phase one of the AO Foundation Multipurpose Virtual Surgical Simulation Trainer project, funded by More...

Outreach and the AO Brand 

Generations Survey at the AO Foundation  
Generations Survey at the AO Foundation

A multilingual survey—covering three generations of AOTrauma members in AO Foundation’s five global regions—will examine how attitudes, work habits and behaviors could differ across the generations. The findings of this survey will serve as a cornerstone for shaping the organization’s strategy​ More...


AOVET North America Marketing Initiative
AOVET North America Marketing Initiative
AOVET North America (AOVETNA) is demonstrating its relevance to key veterinary orthopedic organizations in North America and showcasing itself as the region’s primary source of veterinary orthopedic continuing medical education and recertification. Key to that strategy is a ​More...

Play Safe with Sisimpur (concluded)
Play Safe with Sisimpur
An AO Foundation employee had an idea that they brought to the AO Strategy Fund for funding: why not develop educa​tional content to prevent traumatic injuries in children in low- and middle-income countries? This could be achieved using the vehicle of one of the world's foremost leaders in More...​

AO History and Archive
AO H​istory and Archive
The AO, founded in 1958, has a long and proud history. Similar to the way French hospitals revolutionized the physical diagnosis of patients in the 19th century, not by inventing something new but by standardizing, making routine and measuring the effects of the principles of More...

Knowledge Sharing

AO Interactive Video Platform  
AO Interact​

AO Interact, an interactive peer review and discussion video platform for surgeons has launched. AO Interact is a direct, surgeon-driven platform allowing surgeons to upload and manage their own videos supported by additional content, add comments at any point within each other's videos and More...


Limb Surgery Project 
A Field Guide—Management of Limb Injuries

The launch of the handbook, Management of Limb Injuries during Disasters and Conflicts took place at the ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross) Headquarters in Geneva. This work is the result of collaboration between the ICRC and the WHO’s EMT (Emergency Medical Teams) More...

Pediatric AO Surgery Reference 
AO Surgery Reference-Pediatric Trauma (AOSR-PT)

​The third anatomical regional module of the world’s first comprehensive online pediatric surgery reference goes live during the AO Foundation Davos Courses 2017, December 3–14. This new proximal femur module is part of the AO Surgery Reference-Pediatric Trauma (AOSR-PT), a dynamic More...​

Patient Care

AO Socks for Customized Weight Bearing
AO Socks for Customized Weight Bearing
The need for evidence-based means of optimizing the walking quality of patients after surgery for fractures of the pelvis or lower limb is the primary driver behind the AO Socks for Customized Weight Bearing project, funded by the AO Strategy Fund. Leading the two-year project More...


Mobility Toolkit:  Patient Mobility Data Assessment Center
Mobility Toolkit:  Patient Mobility Data Assessment Center
Physicians and researchers will get a "mobility toolkit" for collecting and using objective outcome data on patient-performance based measures (PBMs), as part of a new project supported by the AO Strategy Fund. That toolkit—the goal of the Patient Mobility Data Assessment Center project More...


Strengthening Preclinical Research
Strengthening Preclinical Research
Getting funding to explore breakthrough surgical procedures, devices and substances that improve patient care can be difficult enough, and the challenge becomes even more daunting when the subject is improving research methodology. But thanks to a grant from the AO Strategy Fund ​​More...​