People Program

Corporate Social Responsibility

People Program

At the AO we want to be good global citizens. So we have created a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy in which we aim to operate all aspects of our daily business in a way that takes into account our impact on people, the environment, and society. There are a number of CSR activities which we are currently involved in. To discover more select one of the three Programs listed on the right.

Latest News

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​​​​Key activities

No salary gender bias

We regularly check our salaries with the method provided by the draft bill of the Swiss federal government (Logib) which confirms that our salaries do not show any gender bias.

Flexible working hours

We allow a maximum degree of flexibility of daily, weekly or annual working hours with models which balance compulsory legal requirements, stakeholder, staff and team needs.

Home office working

Our employees work from home whenever face-to-face collaboration with stakeholders and colleagues is not required, thus saving commuting time and energy.

Pension fund

We pay more than the equal contribution to the pension fund of our employees and give them the opportunity to adapt their own contribution to their financial possibilities.

Holiday allocation

Our employees have five days more than the legal minimum, and employees over 60 get an additional three days' vacation.

Sickness indemnity

Our employees get 100% of their salary from the first day for a period of two full years which is significantly higher and longer than the Swiss law requires.

Accident insurance

In case of accident, our insurance covers the full medical costs, including private ward and repatriation, as well as salary payment for two full years of employees.

Insurance savings

Our employees profit from reduced premiums for their insurance needs if they buy their insurance coverage via the AO-broker.

Study support

We train and develop our people continuously, even in cases where an employee desires to develop skills and knowledge which are not necessarily required for their job.

Free language courses

We offer free in-house or subsidized external language courses for all employees needing to increase their capabilities in our core languages.