Corporate Social Responsibility

AO Corporate Social Responsibility 

At the AO we want to be good global citizens. So we have created a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy in which we aim to operate all aspects of our daily business in a way that takes into account our impact on people, the environment, and society. There are a number of CSR activities which we are currently involved in. To discover more select one of the three Programs listed on the right.

Latest News

ORTHOCON 2017 symposium in Kathmandu, Nepal 

The ORTHOCON 2017 symposium in Kathmandu provided the AO Alliance with an opportunity to highlight its activities in Asia, and more specifically Nepal. More...

Key activities

AO Alliance Foundation​​

​The AO Alliance Foun​dation (AOAF) is where the AO makes its greatest CSR contribution. Since 2015, annual investments have been made in the AOAF to improve fracture care and care of the injured in low- and middle-income countries (LMIC). AO Alliance marquee education programs, such as 'Fracture solutions for Africa and Asia', deliver fracture care education to health care professionals in 26 sub-Saharan African and ten Asian LMIC. AO Alliance realizes that more could be done on the ground with education to care for the injured. Therefore, AO Alliance continues to explore how it can make a difference through better advocacy, awareness building, and policy advice, either on its own or with like-minded partners and collaborators.

Carbon Offsetting—Kenya

Carbon compensation is the second biggest AO CSR activity. Since 2013, the AO voluntarily offsets parts of its carbon footprint to make events carbon neutral. In 2017, we offset our Trustees Meeting and TK System meetings' carbon emissions through the financial support of energy efficient cooking stoves and safe water in rural Kenya. Its aim is to provide safe water and clean indoor air to improve health while the same time limiting deforestation and delivering a multitude of benefits.

Carbon Offsetting—Malawi

In 2017, the AO sponsored two humanitarian and environmentally aware projects in Malawi as a component of our carbon offsetting activities. One project focused on the revitalization of the Dzoole Health Center, this included the installation of new solar panels, construction of a solar-powered borehole pump, a new storage tank to provide potable water, new pit-latrines, and repairs to existing toilets and showers. The second project involved the repair and upgrade of a neighborhood borehole system which villagers can now easily maintain and repair after receiving specific training. In 2018, we will continue to work with the Malawi borehole project and have chosen to work with the Dowa District Hospital to improve the infrastructure and provide a new Solar based water system and back up solar electricity lighting for the wards and oxygen concentrators.


ARGO is a foundation with workshops and residential homes for adults with disabilities in Graubünden. In the workshops, products for industrial, commercial and private customers are produced and sold. We make an annual contribution to a special ARGO fund. Our employees and surgeon members are encouraged to donate directly and shop from their online site w​ww.argo-gr.ch​​.