​AO Archive and History Project


The aim of this project is to collect items from the entire AO community that are worth keeping for the next generation. 

These items will build a central archive which can be accessed when questions arise about the AO Foundation's history.

Please contact​​​​ the AO Archive and History Project Team​​ to contribute your AO memories

Item of the month

Group picture of AO faculty during the first AO Davos Course in 1960. Left to right: Reinhard Fischer, Otto Keller, Robert Schneider, Walter Ott, Hans Willenegger, Walter Schär, Maurice E Müller, Walter Bandi, Walter Stähli, Martin Allgöwer, and Rudolf Bloch.​


Find pictures, documents, books, implants, and instruments from the last 60 years of AO history.

We need your help to build the AO history archive!

If you want to donate your AO memories (historical items, pictures, or documents) to the project or if you are interested in financially supporting the project please 
contact​​​​ the AO Archive and History Project Team.


AO Archive and History Project
Clavadelerstrasse 1
7270 Davos Platz