AO Research Review – Peer Review Process

The AO Research Review Commission (AORRC) is responsible for the review process for all grant applications submitted to the AO Foundation and its funding bodies.

General Information

Peer review is carried out by a pool of independent external reviewers ​who are selected on the basis of their expertise to conduct the reviews. All proposals submitted to a call are treated equally. They are evaluated impartially on their merits, irrespective of their origin or identity of the applicants. All proposals and related documents communicated to the AO Foundation are treated in confidence. Based on the project abstract, each reviewer must confirm that he/she concurs with the AO Foundation's Code of Ethics (PDF, 33 KB). After this confirmation, the reviewer will receive the full project proposal for review.

​Peer Review Process Explained

Each of the applications submitted to one of the AO Founda­tion's Clinical Divisions (→ AOCMFAOSpineAOTraumaAOVET) is reviewed by at least two external independent re­viewers and one reviewer from the AO Research Review Commission (AORRC) who acts as composite reviewer. The grant applications will be discussed, scored and ranked at the AO Research Review Commission meetings.

The AO Start-up grant applications which qualify for the review process will be peer reviewed by two experts of the AO Research Commission.

The grant applications will be discussed, scored and ranked at the AO Research Review Commission meetings.

Animal Use and Care

All research studies that involve live animal research must describe in detail the animal model that will be used, including animal care procedures, medications, aseptic techniques, surgical interventions, regular monitoring, techniques to evaluate and treat pain, distress and other morbidities associated with the study, criteria for removal from the study before its scheduled end, and euthanasia protocols. The AORRC will consult with the AOVET R&D Commission if there are questions regarding the appropriate use of an animal model for a particular study.

Funding Recommendations

The funding recommendations are forwarded to the submitting funding body: R&D Platform, AOCMF, AOSpine, AOTrauma, AOVET.

  • Projects which are recommended for funding are subject to the funding body's final decision. The contract negotiations will be initiated by the respective funding body.
  • Resubmission of a declined application is only possible on recommendation from the AO Research Review Commission and at the invitation of a funding body.
  • Projects which are recommended for rejection cannot be funded and the funding body will provide the rational for the decision.

The AORRC will not enter into any discussions with the applicants. All correspondence must go through the respective funding body.