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AO Start-up Grants

This grant category is designed to encourage:

  • Young investigators who are within five years of the completion of his/her terminal degree (eg MD, DVM, PhD, etc.) or within five years of initiation of his/her first assistant professor position at an academic institution. Individuals currently enrolled in residency programs or fellowships are also considered young investigators.
  • Experienced researchers submitting novel high-risk projects.

Competitive grants will be highly innovative and focused on the AO Foundation’s general area of interest, 'The healing of musculoskeletal tissues', and its investigation of the understanding of normal healing, disturbed healing, implant technology (including bone/implant interface, scaffolds) and IT solutions to enhance clinical techniques.

Information on the next deadlines are not yet available. Please revisit our website in April 2016

Applying for an AO Start-up Grant

What You Need to Know

All grant applications are prescreened and approxi­mately 50 % are eligible for the peer review process. The grant applications which do not qualify for the peer re­view process are subject to immediate rejection.

Grant applications which qualify for the review pro­cess will be peer reviewed by two experts of the AO Research Review Com­mis­sion. The AO Research Review Com­mis­sion is an independent group of world class scientists and researchers and is responsible for the peer review process.

Of the grants subjected to the peer review process, approximately 25 % are funded following review. In the current cycle we will likely fund 6 projects.