Preclinical Services – Overview

​Preclinical Services is one of the core capabilities of the AO Research Institute Davos. It is comprised of Preclinical Surgery within the Preclinical Facility. The focus of Preclinical Services is directed towards rendering research services within and outside the AO Foundation. This program has the skills, experience and knowledge to assist researchers in a modular manner starting with project design and ending with data analysis and publication. The main partners for collaborative projects are the different groups of the AO Research Institute Davos, AO Clinicians, AO industrial partners and also external institutions. The investigations are typically of an applied nature and are conducted under a clearly defined study plan and research agreement.

The expertise for in vivo phase of the experimental projects is located within Preclinical Surgery and the Preclinical Facility. Preclinical Services collaborates intimately with the CT Imaging focus area within the Biomedical Services Program for both in vivo and in vitro imaging. Tissue processing, histology and analysis is located in the Tissue Morphology focus area within the Musculoskeletal Regeneration Program.​

Accreditation and Certification

The Preclinical Services Focus Area has a well-established infrastructure to carry out research projects according to the highest standards. It is ISO 9001:2​​015 as well as GLP certified and has AAALAC​​​ accreditation.