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Sonia Wahl
ARI Fellowships
Clavadelerstrasse 8
7270 Davos, Switzerland
Tel.: +41 81 41 42 541
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ARI Medical and Research Fellowships Application Process

Please fill in the attached application form and submit along with a full CV, cover letter, and two signed letters of recommendation with contact details of referees. An electronic copy of all certificates must also be attached. PDFs of all documents will suffice for the application.

Fellowship duration

Fellowships are for 12 months (in exception 6 months, to be justified in the application). The application should be submitted at least 6 to 12 months before the potential start.

Before submitting

Before submitting, an applicant must have looked through the ARI web pages to see the structure and focus areas. An ARI Fellow will be assigned to a project and therefore we will need you to state in the cover letter the areas of interest from the ARI webpages (in order of preference) that you would like to be involved in.

We also would like to know in the cover letter which AO Specialty you would like to be placed in contact with during your Fellowship: → AOCMF → AOSpine → AOTrauma → AOVET

Application review process

Receipt of the ARI Fellowship application will be confirmed. The application will be reviewed within the ARI and after decision (can take up to 4 months), a letter of decision will be sent to the applicant. Successful applications will require a contract to be signed. The allowance to start will be dependent upon successful application for a work visa for the Fellowship within Switzerland. A living cost stipend will be provided. 

The stipend is for one person only, to cover living expenses in Davos. The stipend is not enough to allow for anyone else (eg partner/children). You will not be able to bring your family to Davos during your fellowship, unless your visitors stay in a separate hotel or apartment. Our agreements with the tenants for the single rooms are only for single use.  In addition, pets are not allowed in those rooms.

Resources cannot be provide to aid in the search for accommodation for relatives or to support visa applications for relatives, neither for the documentation required to bring your pet.

We also encourage self-financed Fellowship applications (from people who have taken the initiative to secure funding from their hospitals, national societies, Education Foundations, government grants etc.). Such applications will be looked upon very favourably.​​​