AO Research Conferences and eCM journal

eCM True Open Access Journal, published by AO Research Institute Davos. Founded by scientists for the benefit of Science rather than profit.

eCM publishes preclinical research in the musculoskeletal field (Trauma, Maxillofacial (including dental), Spine and Orthopaedics) and the cells & materials used in the replacement, repair or regeneration of these tissues. eCM is the official Research Journal of AOCMF, AOTrauma, European Orthopaedic Research Society (EORS), Swiss Society for Biomaterials (SSB) and Tissue & Cell Engineering Society (TCES)

eCM has world-wide True Open access (no submission, publication or reading charges of any kind) with over 17 500 registered readers, over 3000 PubMed monthly linkouts and 7000 monthly visits (Google analytics). eCM was the first scientific journal with a transparent review processes and governance, including a transparent route to becoming a member of the Editorial Review Board.

eCM is The leading Journal in the field of musculoskeletal research. 2013 Impact Factor for eCM (notified in July 2014) is 4.887.

10 year history of eCM, (2000–2010) a short write up of how true open access started and why it is so important to science world-wide.​