Course Dates

April 06–07, 2018

Course program 2018​

Block course: Skeletal repair for ETHZ and ZHAW students


The aim of this course is to gain insight into modern fracture treatment, as well as in current research projects of the  AO Research Institute Davos​Besides theoretical knowledge, the practical aspects of osteosynthesis techniques are also addressed. Similar to the world-wide held AO courses for orthopedic surgeons, "hands-on" osteosynthesis training using artificial bones is performed. Each participant will have the opportunity to stabilize a bone fracture with metal implants, screws, nails and fixators.

The main focus of the AO Research Institute Davos is the investigation of innovative treatment methods for the regeneration of the musculoskeletal system. Success is ensured through close collaborations between medical doctors, biologists, chemists, physicists, and engineers. This course offers the opportunity to be introduced to the AO Foundation and the AO Research Institute Davos. From this first contact long-lasting professional and scientific collaborations have often been established.

The course is suitable for students from ETHZ​ and ZHAW​ with main focus in biomedical engineering or biomechanics. Practical workshops bring the participants in touch with modern techniques in the lab. ​