Qualification Facts

An AOCSC qualification demonstrates a site’s dedication to quality assurance in conducting clinical research. By helping sites implement rigorous yet practical standard operating procedures, the AOCSC program aspires to improve the way clinical research is conducted on a global platform. AOCSC qualified sites will enjoy the benefit of being recognized as part of a comprehensive international AO research network.

AOCSC aims to:

  1. Standardize worldwide processes for clinical research
  2. Provide training on how to perform clinical investigations
  3. Improve the quality and efficiency of clinical investigations
  4. Include the AOCSC sites in a database and reflect their particular clinical strengths/interests. (thereby reducing site-selection times for prospective studies)
  5. Promote that regulatory and ethical standards are met
  6. Create a network of qualified clinics and allow them to interact with each other to exchange information and experiences​