The AO Clinical Study Center (AOCSC) program was created as a tool to help standardize the way orthopedic and trauma centers conduct clinical research. Given the ever increasing globalization of clinical research, AOCID recognized the need for a program that can work across cultural and country-specific differences in order to formalize the way clinical research is performed worldwide. Following months of discussions and collaboration with various AO members, it was decided that creating a network of AO qualified clinical study center sites would be the best way to ensure globally homogenous clinical research processes. Particular emphasis was to be placed on providing clinical research sites a set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s). The SOP’s were created by AOCID personnel specializing in Good Clinical Practice (GCP) procedures.

In 2010 the AO Board of Directors approved the program and officially appointed AOCID to implement it. The following year AOCID administered a study pilot phase and qualified the first AOCSC site. 

The program’s specific goals are to: improve the efficacy and data reproducibility of clinical trials, ensure the adequate training of clinical research personnel and promote collaboration between qualified AOCSC sites.