AOCSC Networking Events

Group picture from the first-ever AOCSC networking event held in Thailand in 2015.

AOCSC Asia Pacific Networking Event: 24-25 August 2015



Ten AOCSC clinics from the Asia Pacific region took part in the inaugural AOCSC networking event which was hosted from 24-25 August 2015 at Bangkok Hospital in Thailand. One of the goals of the AOCSC program is to establish a network of clinics which conduct clinical research to a standardized minimum. This is something which is important, not only for the AO Foundation and industry, but also to the AOCSC clinics as they are then part of a network which can be accessed to run investigator-sponsored clinical investigations.

This networking aspect was always a stated goal of the AOCSC project. However, it took time for the program to establish itself so that the tipping point was reached whereby a regional networking meeting of AOCSC sites was a viable option.

Topics discussed at the meeting

At the meeting, each AOCSC clinic was given the opportunity to showcase their clinic, its research work and know-how available. Differences in terms of culture, competencies, clinic sizes and levels of AOCSC certification emerged in this part of the meeting.

The strengths that were teased out included advanced surgical techniques, the presence of Clinical Trial Units, and internal and external collaboration.

Some common research challenges identified included experience, the research infrastructure and resources, the quality of clinical data, conducting multicenter studies and patient follow-up. Different cultures, regulations and quality management systems were also mentioned by the participants. The topic of funding studies also received due attention.

All of the sites then took part in a grand round of brainstorming to see what could be achieved in the region.

The group was unanimous in the opinion that a regional clinical research network was important. Such a network could be grown by the AOCSC clinics present keeping in touch in order to allow knowledge and creativity flow among the network members.

Six potential research topics were identified as a result of the discussions held. Several months later, it was clear that the networking event had gotten some traction in the region as a first multicenter study to be conducted in Thailand was announced.

This study will be conducted by three sites (Bangkok Hospital, Bhumibol Hospital and the Chiangmai Ortho Group) and focus on the results of fixation of humerus fractures.



AOCID is not in a position to set up a more formalized network but is more than willing to facilitate where possible and to provide ad hoc consultancy if needed. The network, like many clinical studies, has to be driven by the surgeons and research teams if it is to flourish.

The event was mostly funded by AOCID out of its core funding and Bangkok Hospital as host of the event generously provided the
meeting room and catering for the participants in addition to carrying out a lot of administrative work.
Ivo Schauwecker who leads the AOCSC project said, "It was a very successful meeting, in which we managed to get the networking spirit among AOCSC clinics going. We hope to repeat this event in different regions to help stimulate exchanges among members."
Pictured at the event (from left to right): Chaiyos Kunanusont (Director, Bangkok Hospital Research Center),
Ivo Schauwecker (AOCSC program), Suthorn Bavonratanavech (AO President).