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Fellowships for 2020:

Trauma: August 18, 2019
CMF: August 25, 2019

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Fellowship Reports 

CID Clinical Research Fellowship Program for Surgeons


This fellowship program has been established for surgeons to gain training and experience in all phases of clinical research (study planning, monitoring, data analysis, and publication).


AOTrauma and AOCMF may each annually support one or two candidates to participate in this unique and challenging experience. Currently a maximum of two fellows can be enrolled at CID at the same time. 

The selected fellow spends three months full time at the AO Clinical Investigation and Documentation (AOCID) branch office in Dübendorf near Zurich, Switzerland.

  • Medical Doctor (MD) with minimum orthopedic training or dental diploma 
  • Current member of AOTrauma or AOCMF​
  • AO Principles Course completed (certificate required)
  • Published at least one clinical investigation in a peer reviewed journal
  • Willing and able to dedicate at least 10% of time in clinical research
  • Communication skills and ability to work in a team
  • Proficient in English (spoken and written)

  • The fellow is coached by a methodological mentor at AOCID. Onsite tutoring and support is provided by CID staff
  • Training in Good Clinical Practice
  • Complimentary copy of STATA software with a one year license for their private computer (Microsoft Windows or Mac). The fellow is expected to bring his/her own laptop with Stata software installed. Unless the fellow can demonstrate prior knowledge and experience in the use of a statistical software package, he or she is expected to follow an online introductory course on the analytical software Stata prior to starting the fellowship. 
  • Reading material: a copy of the AOTrauma handbook Statistics and Data Management, a practical guide for orthopedic surgeons (eds. Stengel D, Bhandari M, Hanson B) is provided.
  • Travel to and from Switzerland
  • Accommodation for three months for one person
  • Travel pass for unlimited public transport within Zurich city


1. Specific aims of the fellowship
a) Analysis and publication of own data
Fellows who have a completed database of a clinical study from his/her own clinic will perform the analysis and prepare a manuscript for publication of their results by the end of the three month period. Preliminary work may be necessary before coming to AOCID depending on the complexity and progress of the proposed study. Please note that a copy of the ethics commission (EC) or institutional review board (IRB) approval must be provided.
b) Development of a clinical study protocol
Fellows who want to develop a study protocol will prepare a Clinical Investigation Plan in accordance to AOCID standards. The study should address a clinically relevant topic and be supported by the local AOTrauma clinical mentor, so that it could, in an ideal situation, be conducted after the fellowship.
c) Systematic literature reviews and meta-analysis
Systematic literature reviews and meta-analysis from highly relevant topics may also be possible within the framework of this fellowship. The Fellow will conduct his/her research in accordance with current AOCID standard operating procedures.
  • CMF Fellows are highly encouraged to utilize the support offered during his/her stay at AOCID by writing a systematic review and submitting it to 'Craniomaxillofacial Trauma and Reconstruction Open (CMTR Open).' CMTR Open is the preferred journal to first submit any other manuscript developed during the fellowship.​
2. Supporting various AOCID services
The fellow is also involved in various CID activities such as providing clinical expertise, answering external requests, or performing ad-hoc literature reviews.

3. Final presentation
The fellow is expected to give an internal presentation on their project before receiving his/her CID Fellowship certificate.

Certified CID fellows are further guided after the three month period in Switzerland, so that the submitted manuscript can be successfully published and/or the planned study implemented as much as it is possible.

Fellows will also complete their own AOCID Fellowship Report.

How to apply

AO Clinical Investigation and Documentation
CID Fellowship Program
Stettbachstrasse 6
CH-8600 Dübendorf
  • Applicants will be informed about the decision by e-mail