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Denise Hess

Manager Clinical Education

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Statistics for Surgeons

Here you can read a typical program for the introduction to statistics course which has been designed with surgeons in mind. The course was first given in 2014 and, like all courses given by AOCID, can be adapted as necessary.

Part 1: Getting started

Welcome and Introductions
- Housekeeping
- Objectives for the day

Recap of principles of clinical studies
- Evidence-based medicine
- Methodological principles
- Implications of different study designs

Part 2: Making the right choices

Outcome Measurements
- Knowing what and how to measure

Study synopsis
- Introduction to the study synopsis template

Workshop: "Study Synopsis"
- Create your own study synopsis

Part 3: Key concepts in medical statistics

General concepts
- Hypothesis testing
- Errors: Type I and II
- Statistical significance
- Confidence intervals

Part 4: Statistical tests: How to analyze your data

Statistics in Clinical Research
- Parametric, nonparametric tests
- Correlation, regression
- Survival analysis agreement

Part 5: Introducing statistical software

- Introduction to Stata statistical software
Workshop: "Stata output analysis"

Part 6: Reflection

Recap of the day
- Questions and Answers