Quality Management

Quality standards are a pillar of AOCID's mission. They ensure that the desired outcome is produced and that requirements are met. AOCID works according to ISO and GCP guidelines and implements actions necessary to achieve planned results and continual improvement of AOCID's processes.

AOCID can achieve its goals when the following criteria are met:

• The motivation to perform high quality services is achieved by efficient leadership, clear goals, the code of ethics and personnel development
• Decision-making, a sense of responsibility, and customer orientation within AOCID is advanced by regular training
• Every AOCID employee is made familiar with the basic principles of AOCID's quality standards in order to fulfill their tasks competently and responsibly
• Every AOCID employee is willing and able to take on responsibility for her/his performance when her/his education and knowledge fulfill the requirements, when the work equipment and her/his environment match her/his job function, and she/he is dedicated to accomplish the required work input
• AOCID's quality documents define who is responsible for defined tasks carried out with quality aspects
• AOCID strives for the optimal use of AO infrastructure, in close collaboration with other AO units

To put quality standards into practice, a quality management system (Lotus Notes, QM 3.5) has been developed to ensure effective processes through clearly described standard operating procedures.

AOCID sets goals for improvement and takes the appropriate action for implementing them. The outcomes of this continuous process of improvement are regularly measured and evaluated by a standardized system and outlined in internal audit reports.

Continuous improvement
The idea of continuous improvement forms an essential component of the quality management and every AOCID employee actively supports the improvement process. 

Feedback and improvement opportunities
The quality management system is not only intended to evaluate the current situation, but also offers AOCID customers and employees the opportunity to point out where there is potential for improvement. Feedback, ideas and change requests are welcome at the following occasions:

  • Site Satisfaction Questionnaire (Form 03.007)
  • Employee Survey (Form 01.012)
  • AOCID Course Evaluation (Form 04.010)

  • Needs and satisfaction levels of our study sites are evaluated by using the Site Satisfaction Questionnaire. After close-out of a clinical study, every Project Manager sends out this form to the participating study site. At the end of the year, selected customers and AO units are sent a customer survey in order to get further feedback. Employees complete the annual AOCID Employee Survey and participants of AOCID courses hand in an AOCID Course Evaluation.

    All of this information forms an important part of the annual quality management review and is used to optimize AOCID's activities and enhance satisfaction.

    If you have any questions or comments regarding quality management, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Contact details are at the top of this page.