Medical Writing - Taiwan 2015

Welcome to the website page for the AOCID Medical Writing Courses in Taipei, November 2015.

This page will be available until January 2016.

Many thanks for attending the AO Medical Writing Course.

If you have any questions, please e-mail:


Program Medical Writing_FINAL_November 2015.pdfMedical Writing Program 2015


1_An Introduction to Medical Writing.pdf1_An Introduction to Medical Writing.pdf

ROE_5_The publication process_30mins_for PDF.pdf2_The publication process.pdf

ROE_2_Lit Search Pubmed_75 min_Taiwan ONLINE_20151115_for_PDF.pdf3_Lit Search Pubmed.pdf

4_ Manuscript structure.pdf4_ Manuscript structure.pdf

5_Writing practice.pdf5_Writing practice.pdf

6_Further resources_and end of course.pdf6_Further resources_and end of course.pdf