Since its creation in 1998, AO Clinical Investigation and Documentation Institute (AOCID) has conducted more than 100 clinical studies engaging over 350 clinics in 45 countries and enrolled more than 10’000 patients. Between 2010 and 2016, AOCID has published close to 300 peer-reviewed scientific articles and numerous presentations.
These impressive numbers form the bedrock of our credo:
“More than Opinions. Evidence.”
Martin Schuler, AOCID Director 

Martin Schuler

AOCID Director



Stephen Kates 

Stephen Kates
Chairperson, AOCID Advisory Committee




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AOCID at a Glance


Our Vision

A leading clinical research and health economics institute in trauma and orthopedic surgery.



Our Mission

​Service to patients worldwide through quality clinical studies, clinical research education, and expertise in health economics.



AOCID unitsThe AOCID’s three functional units, Clinical Operations (CO), Medical Affairs & Health Economics (MA&HE), and Clinical Research Education (CRE) are united by the Business Development and Management (BD&M) unit. Organizationally separated, the four units nevertheless interact and support one another. Together, the four units of AOCID strive to provide our customers with high quality clinical research services.​

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AOCID Advisory Committee

The AO Clinical Investigation and Documentation Advisory Committee is a body comprised of experts from different surgical specialties. Together they set the clinical research directions for the AOCID institute and provide expert advice.

As of July 2017, the committee is comprised of the following members:

Stephen Kates 
Stephen Kates
Virginia Commonwealth University,
Frank Kandziora
Frank Kandziora
BG Unfallklinik
Risto Kontio 

Risto Kontio
Helsinki University Central Hospital,

Andreas Platz 
Andreas Platz
Stadtspital Triemli Zürich,

In addition, the Director of AOCID, the CEO of the AO Foundation and the COO/CFO of the AO Foundation serve as ex-officio members.

The CID Advisory Committee meets two times a year to review progress and to set strategic goals.​​​