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The Audi Accident Research Unit and AOCID research partnership


The Audi Accident Research Unit (AARU) is a research partnership between Regensburg University Hospital and Audi that is supported by the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior. The team of experts investigates traffic accidents in order to understand the course of events surrounding the accident, to enhance general traffic safety and to apply the lessons learned to the development of such things as assistance systems for new car models.

AO Clinical Investigation and Documentation (AOCID) is a full service clinical research organization within the AO Foundation which runs international multicenter clinical trials from the planning phase through to publication.

AARU and AOCID have been working collaboratively since 2011. The research partnership involves evaluating automobile accident databases across medical parameters to improve car safety and design to reduce the incidence and severity of injuries.

AARU at the AO Davos Courses

AARU and AOCID also publicize their work to a wider audience. For example, the "Crash Scene Investigation – CSI:Davos" presentation is a multidisciplinary presentation which includes a computerized reconstruction of the moments leading up to the collision, police pictures of the crash scene, results of psychological interviews with the parties involved, and a review of x-rays to ascertain where and how the injuries were sustained. Since 2011, this presentation has been given each week of the AO Davos Courses to hundreds of interested surgeons.  

AOCID and AARU also worked on a survey conducted among surgeons attending the AO Davos Courses 2014 to test how good they are with matching crashed cars to injuries. Almost 200 surgeons took part in this small survey which was designed to raise awareness of research in automobile accidents. 

AARU / AOCID Fellowship

In addition, a special AARU / AOCID Clinical Research Fellowship has been created to enable AARU-associated surgeons gain training in clinical research at AOCID. Fellows also work on agreed projects to further the collaboration.

1st AARU / AOCID Clinical Research Fellow, Christian Hainz. 2011. Project focus: review and analysis of data collected in the GIDAS and AARU databases.  Presentation in Grisons: Academia Raetica "Graubünden forscht – Young Scientists in Contest", Davos, Switzerland, Sept 12–13, 2012. Hainz C, Audigé L, Kiss M, Nerlich M, Hanson B. Path analysis of associated with the occurrence of fractures in adults in German car collisions.

2nd AARU / AOCID Clinical Research Fellow, Dr Antonio Ernstberger. 2013. Project focus: Control morbidity in road traffic accident: What can we learn from the German experience? Evaluation of the GIDAS database with 44,503 traffic victims in passenger cars.