AO Foundation at DKOU 2016

04. November 2016

The AO had its most significant presence ever at the DKOU 2016 in Berlin, Germany from October 25-28.

AO Foundation at DKOU 2016 

​The AO Foundation was invited by the DKOU to be this year’s official partner organization which resulted in the AO's biggest presence ever at the congress. There were 13 stimulating AO Symposia sessions organized by AOTrauma, AOSpine, AOCMF, AORecon (jointly with AOTrauma) and AO Research Institute, Davos (ARI). In addition the event featured hands-on sessions from ARI and AOTK at the new AO Innovations Desk at the AO Foundation booth.

At the opening ceremony AO Foundation Board Member and President of the DGU Florian Gebhard, in his role as co-organizer of the congress, explained the theme of this year's meeting "Back to the Future". Gebhard elaborated on why Switzerland was chosen as one of this year's guest nations especially as over 50 years ago the principles of modern operative fracture care were invented in this part of the world. Both the President of the Swiss Society for Orthopedics and Traumatology and the AO Foundation President Nikolaus Renner were invited to discuss the importance of Switzerland as innovators and in particular the role of the AO in revolutionizing the principles of orthopedics.

Throughout the week more than 40 world-renowned AO Faculty delivered the symposia which were extremely well attended and a huge success.


  • AO Research Institute: ORS–Acute cartilage injury

  • AOSpine: Alterstraumatologie der Wirbelsäule–Komplikationsmanagement 

  • AOTrauma: Non–weight bearing after fracture care: where is the evidence?

  • AO Research Institute: Smart Surgery

  • AOTrauma Germany: Zurück in die Zukunft: „Renaissance vergessener Verfahren“

  • AOTrauma Symposium: Augmented implants

  • AOCMF Symposium: Midface trauma–who cares?

  • AOTrauma DACH: Implantatinfektionen

  • AOTrauma/AORecon Symposium: Prevention and management of periprosthetic fractures–part 1: knee

  • AOSpine Symposium: Controversies in spinal surgery: Is therapy in Germany too aggressive?

  • AOTrauma/AORecon Symposium: Prevention and management of periprosthetic fractures–part 2: hip

  • AOTrauma Germany: Auswahlsitzung Nachwuchsförderung

  • AOTrauma Germany: Wohin entwickelt sich die Unfallchirurgie?

The AO Foundation booth was packed with visitors wanting to know how to get involved with the AO especially during daily networking events held at the booth. At the AO Innovations Desk, ARI and the AOTK System delivered daily hands-on sessions for the surgeons to try out some of their new developments which proved extremely popular.


  • AO AutoGauge:  Smart Drilling Practical

  • Smart Implants: AO Fracture Monitor Session

  • AOTK Product Launch


Presidential dinner

Nikolaus Renner was elected by the DGU as a Corresponding Member and Prof Thomas Rueedi was elected a honorary member of the DKOU during this event which was one of the highlights of the DKOU congress.

Swiss embassy reception

Many of the AO Faculty and Members of the AO Foundation Board were invited to attend a DKOU reception at the Swiss embassy by the Swiss Ambassador. AO Foundation Board Member and Swiss industry expert Christoph Lindenmeyer, gave a speech on how Switzerland is helping to shape the future of the MedTech industry (digitalization).


Icon AO Faculty members who presented at the AOTrauma and AORecon symposia.
Icon Florian Gebhard explains the theme of the DKOU’s 2016 theme of Back to the Future.
Icon Nikolaus Renner discusses the role of the AO in revolutionizing the principles of orthopedics.
Icon Presentation on Smart Implants at the AO Innovation desk.
Icon Nikolaus Renner being elected by the DGU as a Corresponding Member.
Icon Prof Thomas Rueedi being elected by the DGU as an Honorary Member.