Educating surgeons and teachers worldwide

21. August 2019

AOTESA and AOCMF sponsor seats for their members at upcoming AOPEER Teacher Seminars

AOTrauma Europe and Southern Africa
(AOTESA) and AOCMF Research and Development (R&D) are underlining their confidence in their members—and in the AO Program for Education and Excellence in Research (AOPEER)—by sponsoring seats at upcoming AOPEER Teacher Seminars.

AOTESA has selected ten of its members and will sponsor their participation in an upcoming AOPEER Teacher Seminar in a European venue, while AOCMF Research and Development’s open call for sponsorship applications generated more than 100 applications. AOCMF will award a one-time payment of CHF 2,000 per approved candidate.

Nominee selection criteria includes:

Active involvement in clinical research, including publishing

Teaching experience

Faculty Education Program (FEP) attendance preferred

AOPEER offers surgeons and researchers tools and education in clinical research through online material and face-to-face courses. One AOPEER goal is to develop teacher groups around the world by educating surgeons and teachers through its teacher seminars, where they learn about the special educational aspects of AOPEER research content.

At the end of the AOPEER Teacher Seminar, participants should be able to:

Apply the content of the AOPEER course curriculum.

Describe the target audience of the AOPEER courses.

Outline the course material of the AOPEER courses (structure, blended concept, available teaching resources).

Address potential challenges in the AOPEER courses.

Define the prerequisites and selection process to become an AOPEER teacher.

Describe the administrative and organizational aspects related to AOPEER educational activities.

Explain the AOPEER program and outlook on teaching activities for the AOPEER program.

The idea behind developing a network of AOPEER teachers is to enable the AO regions to initiate courses in their countries by involving local AOPEER teachers. The courses are coordinated and supported by the AOPEER back office.

As a result of the development during the previous three years, there are currently 65 approved AOPEER teachers (and 56 more are currently in the application process) who will be involved in upcoming face-to-face AOPEER Principles of Clinical Research courses:

October 12, 2019, in Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala​

October 25–26, 2019, in Fribourg, Switzerland

October 26–27, 2019, in Boston, United States

October 28–29, 2019, in Boston, United States

October 31, 2019, in Buenos Aires, Argentina

November 9–10, 2019, in Toronto, Canada

December 7–8, 2019, in Davos, Switzerland

Upcoming AOPEER Level 2 courses:

October 5–6, 2019, in Cambridge, United Kingdom: Grant writing

October 14, 2019, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Publication writing

December 8–9, 2019, in Davos, Switzerland: Study Management and Good Clinical Practice (GCP) 

To learn more about clinical research and to register for an AOPEER course, please visit​. Access to the platform is free to all members of the AO’s clinical divisions.​​​