AOTK Experts' Symposia

21. January 2018

AOTK System hosts 3 symposia on 3 continents in 2017

11th AOTK Asia Pacific AOTK Experts' Symposium, Chiang Mai, 2017

The first of the year took place in May in Chiang Mai in conjunction with AOTrauma Asia Pacific Courses. Chaired by Theerachai Apivatthakakul from Chiang Mai University Hospital, the event attracted around 60 participants and was split into two sessions. While all three symposia this year have focused primarily on lower extremity, the 11th Asia Pacific Experts' Symposium was the only event to include an upper extremity session in which faculty shared their insights into the challenges presented by complex elbow fractures and clavicle fixation.  

Group Picture in Chiang Mai, 2017

5th US AOTK Experts' Symposium, Seattle, 2017

The second and third symposia shared similar programs but were delivered by different faculty. The 5th US Symposium took place in Seattle in September and was chaired by local pelvic surgeon and Director of Orthopeadic Trauma at the Tacoma Trauma Center Keith Mayo. Inclusive of sessions on suprapatellar nailing and periprosthetic fractures, this more intimate event with 30 participants allowed for insightful and constructive case discussions about fixation challenges and potential future solutions. 

Group Picture in Seattle, 2017

12th European AOTK Experts' Symposium, Mainz, 2017

The 12th European symposium that followed shortly after in November adopted a similar format, with only 30 participants and plenty of case discussions. In addition to some of the same topics, the European-based symposium, hosted by Pol Rommens of the Medical University in Mainz, also included sessions on the popular TFNA, as well as fragility pelvic fractures.

Group Picture in Mainz, 2017

Winners 2017

One of the prerequisites for attending the AOTK Symposia is the participants' submission of a challenging clinical case in one of the specific event's clinical discussion areas. Every year, the AOTK receives many exciting cases prior to each event, and would like to congratulate the winners in each category from all three 2017 symposia.

​Chiang Mai, May 2017 Surasak Jitprapaikulsarn, Thailand, Complex Elbow Fractures
Sam-Guk Park, South Korea, Proximal Humeral Fixation Strategies
​Seattle, September 2017 ​Timothy Achor, USA, Periprosthetic Fractures
Clay Spitler, USA, Femoral Neck Fractures
​Mainz, November 2017 ​Alexander Hofman, Germany, Proximal Tibial Plateau Fractures
An Sermon, Belgium, TFN-Advanced 


The AOTK System would like to acknowledge the institutions in Chiang Mai, Seattle and Mainz that played host to the 2017 symposia. We would also like to extend a special thank you to the chairmen and faculty for facilitating the delivery of these successful educational events. 

Upcoming Experts' Symposia 2018​

We are excited to share the sessions scheduled for next year and look forward to more engaging collaboration with our surgeon community.

  • 3rd Latin America AOTK Experts' Symposium, Panama City, Panama, March 02 - 03, 2018
  • 12th Asia Pacific AOTK Experts' Symposium, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, May 13, 2018
  • 1st Spine AOTK Experts' Symposium, Montreal, Canada, September 21 - 22, 2018
  • 13th European AOTK Experts' Symposium, Mainz, Germany, October 12 - 13, 2018​​​