Global Neuro

11. December 2017

Global Neuro is launched at the Davos Courses

Group picture during the founding ceremony.

Global Neuro​, a network of the world's leading neurosurgeons, was officially launched this week at the Davos Courses 2017. 

The new organization, which emerged from AONeuro, will focus on expanding its neurosurgical capacity-building activities through education, quality improvement, research and technical assistance on a global scale. 

"Global Neuro is an organization of neurological surgeons and neuro professionals who strive, through cooperation with regional neurological organizations, to promote education in new techniques, devices, principles and procedures to improve neurosurgical patient outcomes around the world," said Paul Manson, the first Chair of Global Neuro. 

AONeuro was established by the AO Foundation in 2013. The transition will enable Global Neuro to further grow its commitment to improving patient care. 

The mission of Global Neuro is: "Educating clinicians to improve patient outcomes in neurosurgery." 

The founding members of Global Neuro are ambassadors of the Global Neuro Foundation and represent its interests across their networks. 

Founding members: 

  • Christian Matula – Austria 
  • Geoffrey Manley – USA 
  • Shelly Timmons – USA 
  • M. Ross Bullock – USA 
  • Paul Manson – USA (Chair) 
  • Stephen Lewis – Australia 
  • Anthony Figaji – South Africa 
  • Andres Rubiano – Colombia 
  • Wai Poon – Hong Kong 
  • Randall Chesnut – USA 
  • David Okonkwo – USA 
  • Peter Hutchinson – UK 
  • Rocco Armonda - USA 

The new structure allows commercial entities and surgical associations and societies to pursue strategic alliances with Global Neuro. 

Neurological disorders are among the costliest and most devastating global health issues. More than 1.7 billion people suffer from neurological disorders, and less than one in five receive surgical treatment.​​​

Want to help Global Neuro? 

Then share this link to our Needs Assessment with your cranial neurosurgery colleagues in your hospital. ​


Icon Paul Manson (Chair) signing the contract.
Icon Group picture during the founding ceremony.
Icon From left to right: Andres Rubiano, Paul Manson (Chair), Christian Matula and Tobias Hüttl.