AO Davos Courses

28. November 2017

AO gears up for the Davos Courses 2017

Final preparations are underway for the Davos Courses 2017, the AO Foundation's flagship educational event o​f the year beginning December 3 at the Congress Center Davos.

More than 1,300 participants and 380 faculty from 74 countries are expected to attend the two-week landmark event, which brings together the leading orthopedic and trauma surgeons from around the world. 

A total of 30 courses are on offer across the AO Foundation's clinical divisions and institutes, with the goal of educating the next generation of surgeons in groundbreaking techniques and state-of-the-art technologies that have the potential to transform their profession in the years to come. 

Testimonial, Nikolaus Renner

"As a surgeon-led organization, the AO Foundation adapts these unique courses to the changing needs of the market each year," said Nikolaus Renner, President of the AO Foundation. "In holding these leading education events, the AO Foundation is proud to play such a vital role in driving excellence in orthopedic and trauma surgery."

Highlights at the Davos Courses 2017:

  • This year's edition of the Davos Courses begins with the unveiling of the AO Principles of Fracture Management—Third Edition, the go-to reference guide for orthopedic and trauma surgery worldwide

  • AOTrauma will be offering a total of 14 educational events including the ever-popular "Current Concepts" series with tips from the masters

  • AOSpine focuses on spinal trauma, degenerative diseases or spinal deformity, and features Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) simulation sessions in the afternoons

  • After the overwhelming success of last year's event, AOCMF will continue with three Masters Courses in facial trauma, orthognathic surgery, and soft tissue reconstruction

  • AOVET will hold on courses in how to avoid, recognize and manage complications in small animal fractures, and equine arthrodesis techniques and fracture fixation 

Additionally, the newly developed AORecon Complex Course premieres this year in Davos. This course offers experienced surgeons advanced-level training on total hip and knee arthroplasty. And for the first time, AONeuro will feature virtual simulation exercises in collaboration with the Besta Neuro Simulation Center

Supporting the spirit of Davos

As part of AO's commitment to community engagement, 30 students and two teachers from the Schweizerische Alpine Mittelschule Davos (SAMD) will visit the AO Center on November 29 and the Davos Congress Center on December 11 to familiarize themselves with the work of the foundation and professional surgery in general. 

The AO Center visit will include a tour of the AO Research Institute, while the Congress Center visit will feature a hand-on practical exercise that requires the students, aged 16 and 17, to fix pre-broken bones using real surgical equipment.

On the morning of December 6, the AO will also introduce 14 pupils of the Förderungsklasse of the Primarschule Davos​ (Primary School extra-curricular promotion class) into basic bone anatomy, fractures and fixation. A visit to the Congress Center will give these local youngsters the opportunity to find out more about the work in the operating room of a hospital and about the AO Foundation in general.

Another debutant at this year's Davos Courses is a specially designed course in limb surgery for emergency medical teams (EMTs) in disaster or conflict zones. 

The course blends both technical surgical knowledge using teaching with anatomical specimens, with lectures and discussions on safe and appropriate response in the most difficult of situations. 

It builds on the work of the World Health Organization EMT initiative to ensure all responders work within professional and well-trained teams for the benefit of those affected by health emergencies.​​​​​​​​