DKOU 2017

13. November 2017

The AO Foundation plays a leading role at DKOU 2017


The AO Foundation and its clinical divisions had a strong presence at Europe's leading conference for orthopedic surgery in Berlin this fall, delivering 13 symposia for hundreds of specialists on a wide range of topics.

A fixture since 2004 at the German Congress of Orthopedic and Trauma Surgery, or DKOU as it is known by its German acronym, the AO Foundation gave a glimpse of its renowned educational prowess and served as a useful networking hub at the October 24-27 event.

"All sessions, independent of the German or English language, were extremely well attended," noted Prof Florian Gebhard, a member of the AO Foundation Board and part of the Congress organizing team. 

The AO symposia, delivered by more than 30 leading faculty over the course of the week, came from the AO Research Institute (ARI)AORecon initiative, AOTK​ and two clinical divisions: AOTrauma and AOSpine.

Dozens of ad-hoc meetings were held daily at the AO booth, where visitors learned about new innovations, products, memberships, fellowships, and other key AO offerings. 

"The AO booth at the DKOU is always a perfect place to make very useful connections with the friends and officers of the AO Foundation," added Prof Gebhard.

AOTrauma symposium
AORecon symposium

Reception at the AO Foundation booth at DKOU 2017
From left to right: Nikolaus Renner (President AO Foundation), Claas Albers (Executive Manager AOTK System), Tobias Hüttl (Executive Manager AOTrauma) and Florian Gebhard (member of the AO Foundation Board).

Of particular interest was the AO Fracture Monitor, an innovative implant developed by the ARI that is fixed to a fractured bone and monitors the healing process. The monitor is maintenance-free, operates autonomously, and has the functionality to send data to a smartphone via Bluetooth.

Elsewhere, the AO Foundation was excited to note the interest in platforms such as AOSTaRT, a web-based learning hub for orthopedic surgeons, and AOPEER​, an invaluable database of reference documents to help surgeons get the most out of their research. 

AO Fracture Monitor AO Fracture Monitor enables wireless data transfer to a smartphone

The DKOU is widely recognized as one of the world's leading forums for the sharing of cutting-edge research and knowledge transfer in the sphere of orthopedic and trauma surgery. 

The AO Foundation has already confirmed its presence at DKOU 2018, which will take place October 23-26 of next year. The AO's full 2017 program can be found AOF_Flyer_DKOU_2017.pdfhere.

Watch the video "Best of DKOU 2017" here.