DKOU 2017

27. September 2017

The AO Foundation will be present with a great variety of symposia at this year's DKOU in Berlin, Germany from October 24-27, 2017.


AO Foundation boothThe participants at this year's DKOU 2017 will have the opportunity to visit 13 stimulating AO Foundation symposia, delivered by more than 30 AO speakers and faculty members. They will also be able to trial the AO Fracture Monitor and network with surgeons during receptions at the AO Foundation booth. The AO is proud to be part of this annual DKOU meeting, especially because Florian Gebhard, member of the AO Foundation Board, is the first Vice President of the DGU, one of the three societies that comprise the DKOU. AOTrauma, AOSpine, AORecon and the AO Research Institute are all well represented with numerous symposia. 

Please make sure to join us at this event.

AO Foundation Symposia

Tuesday, October 24

Time​ DKOU Code​ Room​ Symposium​ Chair(s)​
​11:00-12:30 ​GR12 ​New York 3 ​AO Research Institute: Joint physiology and biomechanics ​R Bader, R Burgkart, M Peroglio
​11:00-12:30 ​SK47 ​London 2 ​AOTrauma D-A-CH: Was gibt es Neues beim Pilon? ​Y Acklin, T Gösling, F Kralinger
​14:30-16:00 ​IN16 ​New York 3 ​AOTrauma Europe: Strategies in treating (traumatic) femoral bone defects ​R Simmermacher, C Frey, G Schmidmaier
​16:00 ​AO Foundation booth ​AOTrauma reception at the AO Foundation booth
​16:30-18:00 ​SK48 ​London 2 ​AOSpine Germany: Wirbelsäulenpathologien bei M. Bechterew M Schultheiss​​

Wednesday, October 25

Time​ DKOU Code​ Room​ Symposium​ Chair(s)​
​14:30-16:00 ​VE50 Ulm​ ​AOSpine International: Deformity and trauma of the spine in children ​D Schlenzka
​14:30-16:00 ​IN31 ​New York 3 ​AORecon: Management of complications in hip arthroplasty ​K-P Günther, W Jiranek
​14:30-16:00 ​FO23 ​Paris 2​ ​AOTrauma Deutschland: Belastungsstabil–übungsstabil–betrachtungsstabil ...
Wie viel braucht es? Wie mache ich es? inkl. Verleihung des AOTD Wissenschaftspreises 2017
M Raschke, F Gebhard, U Stöckle
​16:00 ​AO Foundation booth ​AOTrauma Germany reception at the AO Foundation booth​
​16:30-18:00 ​IN32 New York 3​ ​AORecon: Management of complications in knee arthroplasty ​T Thornhill, C Perka
​16:30-18:00 ​GR18 London 2​ ​AO Research Institute: Bone biology and repair ​D Henrich, A Ignatius, S Zeiter

Thursday, October 26

Time​ DKOU Code​ Room​ Symposium​ Chair(s)​
​​14:30-16:00 ​VE52 411​ ​AOTrauma Germany Academy: Preisträgersitzung Nachwuchsförderung ​G Duda, R Stange, H-C Pape

Friday, October 27

Time​ DKOU Code​ Room​ Symposium​ Chair(s)​
​09:00-10:30 ​FG17 Berlin 2​ ​AOTrauma Germany Academy: Kontroversen in der Unfallchirurgie ​H-J Bail, F Bonnaire, H-J Oestern
11:00-12:30​ ​IN42 ​New York 3 ​AO RIA TF: Future developments and role of Reamer Irrigator Aspirator (RIA) concept ​C A Müller, B Norris, H-C Pape
​​16:30-18:00​ ​IN40 ​​New York 3 ​AOTrauma Europe: The challenge of complex elbow fractures ​F Bonnaire, S Lambert​