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19. June 2017

AOVET has expanded

AOVET TeamTeam from left to right: Micheline Bertolani, Monika Gutscher, Sylvia Hartog, Wojciech Lipowski, Elizabeth Rüedi-Murchison, Philipp Schneider, Naoko Kawai, Eberhard Denk

Rolf Jeker, CEO and Vice-Chairman of the Board, appointed Eberhard Denk (DE) as new Executive Director AOVET and Member of the AO Executive Management at the end of 2016. Eberhard, who worked for AOSpine as Research Manager and has a management consulting background, is motivated to drive the transition of AOVET towards more independence, to implement the new course set-up, and to make sure that the new business model works in a sustainable way. Eberhard works hand in hand with Carl Kirker-Head, the AOVET International Board Chair, to run the International Board and to develop the overall AOVET strategy. Eberhard is also responsible for the management of all AOVET partners and sponsors. Moreover, Eberhard remains the liaison to the R&D Platform with Chair Matthew Allen.

In the Swiss headquarters of the AO Foundation, along with a new Executive Director, AOVET is pleased to have Philipp Schneider (DE) and Jasmin Flori-Hess (CH), who has returned to Switzerland from Australia, joining the education department under the leadership of long-time AOVET Education Manager Monika Gutscher (CH). In addition to managing the International Education and the European Region, Monika, a familiar face in AOVET and ECVS, is responsible for the AOVET Education Commission alongside Chair Alessandro Piras and the European Board Chaired by Bruno Peirone, as well as the general planning of governance meetings and educational events. Together Philipp and Jasmin are responsible for course organization and operations as well as process excellence within the Education department. Furthermore, Philipp is the contact point for category 3 courses in Latin America and Jasmin in Asia Pacific. Both also take care of our AOVET webinars, faculty development and education, as well as fellowships. Jasmin is eager to utilize her background in banking, event organization, and corporate communication to manage the AOVET courses in a globally collaborative and financially profitable way. Philipp in turn aids the LAT region with his cultural and lingual competence. 

AOVET TeamTeam from left to right: Monika Gutscher, Jasmin,
Flori-Hess, Philipp Schneider, Eberhard Denk, Elizabeth Rüedi-Murchison,
summer intern Salvador Fuster

Additionally, Community Development is now managed by Elizabeth Rüedi-Murchison (USA) and supported by Sylvia Hartog (CH). Liz, with her background in psychology and communications, is excited to utilize her international marketing experience and cross-cultural competence to enhance AOVET’s communication and presence, as well as heighten the AOVET community’s digital experience. Along with developing the CD strategy, branding, and online presence, Liz, the liaison to the Foundation, also participates in the Community Development Platform together with AOVET Community Development Chair Cassio Ferringo in order to effectively employ synergies cross-divisionally. Sylvia, a multi-lingual talent, remains in a more operative function, overseeing the membership administration and course marketing, as well as coordinates the communication with efficiency and poise.

Finally, in charge of controlling and finance is Wojciech Lipowski (PL). Wojciech comes to AOVET with extensive international experience from diverse industrial sectors and is excited to support AOVET in its mission to become self-sufficient in a transparent manner.

Globally, AOVET is supported by our regional managers Micheline Bertolani (BR) in Latin America, by Naoko Kawai (JP) with support from Iris Lam (CN) in Asia Pacific, and by Brenda Lowry in North America. Micheline profits from her industry experience and event organization experience to effectively manage the LAT Board with new Chair Tomas Guerrero and the category 3 course strategy. Whereas Naoko's master's degree in business management allows her to effectively manage the APAC Board with Chair Mark Glyde and the category 3 course strategy. She strongly believes in the value AOVET provides and is committed to pursue its mission tirelessly. Assisting Naoko, Iris, who's background began in finance and then mutated into event management, is in charge of general course operations, regional faculty development programs, and promoting the AOVET membership. The ability to organize a fantastic event for our stakeholders provides Iris a sense of satisfaction and achievement. Finally, Brenda, a former operating room nurse for level 1 and 2 trauma facilities, envisions developing AOVET’s educational activities and curriculum in NA based on clearly established needs that will help our learners improve the care and outcomes for their patients. She has regional support from Sally Peters-Gaffney in faculty relations, Melissa D'Archangelo in marketing, and Andrea McClimon with CME who also work for all other clinical divisions.

Together the team will be actively organizing around 50 educational courses and events worldwide as well as providing a platform for the AOVET community to engage, interact, and become involved.

We are all highly committed towards the AOVET mission to advance the practice of veterinary surgery in order to improve patient outcomes and are convinced that we can achieve this by delivering excellence in education, leveraging research as innovation driver, and fostering the AOVET Community.

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