AO Trustees Meeting

19. July 2016

The AO Trustees Meeting 2016 took place in Amsterdam, Holland from July 7-10.

Nikolaus Renner explaining to the Trustees
where he is from and what he stands for

​The Trustees Meeting scientific program began with a welcome to the event from the President of the AO Foundation Prof Suthorn Bavonratanavech followed by an interesting and amusing welcome to Amsterdam from the local Trustee, and Past-President, Chris van der Werken. The many highlights of the three day event included a fascinating keynote speech on the first day by André Kuipers (the first Dutchman with two space missions to his name) on the "Medical aspects of the space industry" in which he gave an insight into how medics are working to prevent bone loss in space. In total André spent 204 days in space and during those space missions as a physician he conducted tens of medical experiments, in which he himself was the test subject most of the times.

This was followed by a fascinating session from AONeuro entirely in 3D giving the Trustees a real understanding of the challenges and opportunities for the AO in this field ranging from developing a classification system for Traumatic Brain Injury to the use of 3D in improving anatomy understanding when educating surgeons. The morning session was rounded off by key figures within the AO innovations landscape explaining the different mechanisms used for supporting innovation and development at the AO ranging from the AOTK System to the AO Strategy Fund, AO Development Incubator and AO Invest.

The Trustees took care of their important business of governance (finances and discharge of the AOFB) including voting in the new President Nikolaus Renner, the new President-Elect Robert McGuire and newly-elected Trustees, during their Annual Meeting in the afternoon of day one.

On day two of the program the Trustees spent the morning attending parallel breakout sessions focused on each of their clinical divisions. This was followed in the afternoon by an in-depth presentation on the "Contribution of AO Foundation to ongoing changes in the healthcare environment" from seven speakers from both the AO network and beyond. To wrap up the scientific program on day two Pierre Hoffmeyer expanded on what the AO's Code of Ethics will mean for the Trustees and guest speaker Michelle Bergadaà spoke on the topic of academic plagiarism.

The exciting scientific program concluded on day three with updates to the Trustees on the important work and on-going projects happening across the AO ranging from Corporate Social Responsibility at the AO to reports from each of the AO Institutes and the AO Strategy Fund. Linking research to clinical practice and how joint replacements in dogs can shape best practices in humans were just a few of the successful agenda items on a busy third day.

Prof Bavonratanvech closed the Trustees Meeting 2016 with a passionate farewell speech detailing what had the AO had achieved during his presidency and speaking candidly about the challenges going forward before handing over the presidential key to Nikolaus Renner, the new President of the AO Foundation. Nikolaus Renner then explained where he is from, his history at the AO, as well as what he stands for personally: honesty, transparency and respect. He concluded by detailing what he sees as the challenges and opportunities for the AO Foundation in 2016 and beyond. The event closed with the announcement of the next AO Trustees Meeting in July 2017 in Miami, USA.​


Icon Prof Suthorn Bavonratanavech opening the Trustees Meeting 2016
Icon Chris van der Werken giving his presentation welcoming the Trustees to Amsterdam
Icon André Kuipers during his session on the "Medical aspects of the space industry"
Icon Prof Paul Manson presenting part of the AONeuro interactive 3D session
Icon The new President-Elect Robert McGuire after his election to the position
Icon The handover of the presidential key from Prof Suthorn Bavonratanavech to Nikolaus Renner