Remembering Dr Honke Hermichen

12. March 2019

AO mourns the passing of Dr Honke Hermichen, former AOF Trustee and long-time national and international AO faculty member

Esteemed AO Foundation friend, former trustee, and national and international faculty member Dr Honke Georg Hermichen died on Monday, February 25, 2019, just days after celebrating his 72nd birthday​.

A funeral and remembrance service for Hermichen, who served as medical director of the Lukaskrankenhaus clinic in Neuss (Germany) until April 2013, will be held at 1:15 p.m. on Friday, March 15, at the main cemetery in Neuss. 

Born in Westphalia, Germany, Hermichen passed away suddenly on his way home from Switzerland after undergoing medical treatment.

After studying medicine, Hermichen was a resident in Düsseldorf’s Dominikus Hospital and later worked at the Berufsgenossenschaftliche Unfallklink Tübingen before successfully applying for the chief physician position at the Surgical Clinic II at Lukaskrankenhaus. 

In his 22 years as chief physician at the Lukaskrankenhaus clinic for trauma and reconstructive surgery, Hermichen helped turn the Lukaskrankenhaus into the highly regarded institution it is today. Thanks to him, the clinic became a regional trauma center that can treat complex injuries to the skeletal system as well as severe internal injuries. Nationally known and appreciated, he was appointed chief physician spokesman by his colleagues and, in 2008, the board appointed him managing director. Neuss Mayor Herbert Napp once described Hermichen as a stroke of luck for the city.

For over 15 years he generously made his medical skills available at no charge when the Friedensdorf Obhausen initiative brought severely injured children from war zones to Germany for treatment. 

Hermichen was an AO Foundation Trustee from 2001–2006, an honorary member of AOTrauma Germany, and a longstanding AO faculty member, primarily in East Asia and India.

Hermichen is survived by his wife, Doris Hermichen, a former AO International employee. He will be greatly missed by his AO colleagues and friends.​ ​​