AO Davos Courses 2019

26. March 2019

AO Davos Courses: Why are they so special?

Wa'el Taha at the AO Davos Courses 2018

Wa'el Taha, AOTrauma Education Commission Chairperson (AOTEC), shares his insights into the AO's flagship educational event, the AO Davos Courses, and what makes this event so important for health care professionals.

What do the AO Davos Courses mean to the AO community?

The AO Davos Courses is the one stand-out event that all orthopedic surgeons want to participate in at least once in their lives. With over 1,500 health care professionals from 80 countries in attendance, it gives participants the unique opportunity to get a sense of the AO's hometown and really experience the AO spirit. It has always been a key event for the AO community. 

AOTrauma is committed to the AO Davos Courses and consistently looks to improve the experience it offers participants. Preserving this feeling by ensuring the AO Davos Courses remain the gold-standard educational event certainly remains a major goal for AOTrauma. 

How did the AO Davos Courses become what they are?

The development of high-quality education was one of the key priorities of the AO Foundation, I was lucky enough to be involved with the AOTEC. The main goal has always been to develop the best format and content to serve the AO Davos Courses and to ensure participants have the best possible educational experience. This is what we still do today—strive to make the AO Davos Courses the best.

Read the complete interview with Wa'el Taha to learn what the AO Davos Courses mean for the AOTrauma community and about the upcoming AOTrauma World Meeting in Madrid, Spain. 

Learn more​ about the AO’s flagship educational event provides hands-on exercises, discussions, and a diverse range of courses covering key fields in trauma, spine, CMF, veterinary, and reconstructive surgery – the AO Davos Courses is your gateway to excellence in your field.